Hapiness als business model

Tara Hunt heeft haar presentatie Happiness als je business model uitgebreid en bijgewerkt. Ze zal ook spreken tijdens Thoughts on Hapiness – een interessant event waar je bij moet zijn (registratie).

Uit de presentatie:

Why does happiness matter to business?

  1. Happy customers talk to more people about their positive experience
  2. Unhappy people talk to the most people about their negative experiences
  3. Happy customers are also repeat customers
  4. Happy customers will pay more for an awesome experience
  5. Happy customers are loyal
  6. Happy customers will drive your marketing for you
  7. Happy employees are more productive, creative and loyal

Happiness is lots of stuff to lots of people. There are four pillars to happiness:

  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Relatedness
  • Self-esteem

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